Waiting for his blind date, Young Man confronts his ambiguous identity and his tri-brow.

Show excerpt


Preview of the music you can expect after Vestibule on 9/3 and 9/17!

Diaspora (All Ways)

By some guy called Matt Greenfield

It takes place in a vestibule.
It’s about waiting for the door to open in more than one sense.
‘Nuf said.

(stick around for a talk-back,
“the musical stylings of Tom and Robert,”
and some improv after the show!)

East Side show:
THE HISTORIC CENTRUM THEATER (2nd floor – above Johnny Malloy’s)
2871 Euclid Heights Blvd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

West Side show:
CLEVELAND PUBLIC THEATRE’S CHURCH (W. 65th and Detroit – the building that looks like a church)
6415 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102

TICKET INFO: $10 all seats (Stay tuned to NEOhioPAL for special discounts!)

WHY YOU SHOULD COME: Because you only have TWO CHANCES to see this terrifically-written-and-acted show!  Personally, on September 3rd and/or September 17th, I have two options: I could A) sit at home developing my hemmorrhoids while watching the latest “exciting” episode of “The Baby Borrowers,” or B) experience some original live theatre and music and support Cleveland arts.  The choice is yours…

FOR INFO: Call OddyFest’s hotline, 216-WAM-TOG1 (216-926-8641), or email OddyFest at oddyfest@gmail.com

Have an odd day!

P.S.: The answer is B).

“Oddy Fest” turns back the cultural tide and unites Cleve-theatre Odysseuses…

For several years, the “brain drain” has affected Cleveland’s young artistic community in particular.  After trying their collective luck in the murky waters abroad, a group of mid-20s Cleveland theatre artists returns home to their “Ithaca on Lake Erie” to re-claim a place in the burgeoning arts scene.  And to do that thing with stringing the bow and the axes (you know what I’m talkin’ about).

  • The ODDY FEST IDEA: A new odd play every month, scheduled on every odd Wednesday of the month (I.e., a play the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of September; then another play the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of October, etc.)
  • The ODDY FEST GOAL: Unite Cleveland artists who may have wandered off the artistic and/or literal map for a few years (or more).
  • The ODDY FEST DREAM: Get theatre audiences accustomed to a regular TV-esque viewing schedule rather than treating theatre as a monolithic event every few months.

Matt Greenfield

The Oddy Festival


216-WAM-TOG1 (216-926-8641)